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Latest News

26-04-2016 Breed Council Judging List updated and can be found <here>

12-04-2016 Breed Council AGM on 1st May 2016 at Moira Welfare Centre, Bath Lane, Moira,Swadlincote, Derbyshire DE12 6BP Minutes of 2015 meeting can be found <here> Agenda for 2016 meeting can be found <here>







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Welcome The UK Border Collie Breed Council is a consultative body whose committee is formed from representatives of all the Border Collie breed societies within the UK. Our aim is to promote the Border Collie in all aspects and safeguard the welfare of the Breed.

objectivesTo make recommendations to the General Committee of the Kennel Club with regard to:

  • The Breed Standard
  • Regarding applications to register new Breed Societies
  • Matters referred to the Council by the Kennel Club
  • Making recommendations as regards the encouragement and promotion of the Border Collie
  • Making recommendations to undertake the development and assessment of the breed

Raising an Item to The Breed CouncilTo raise an item/topic to the Breed Council the individual(s) should:

  • Initially the individual(s) must send the item to the breed club that the individual(s) is a member of
  • The breed club should then discuss the item and if they feel it is necessary they will then formerly request that the breed council secretary adds it to the next breed council meeting agenda
  • If it is too late for inclusion, then the breed club can raise the item under the "any other business" agenda item



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