reports & Minutes A resume of breed council meetings will be provided here together with various reports applicable to the Border Collie.

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June 2013 - Chairman's Report:

The Border Collie Breed Council has had regular meetings that have NOT been attend by all clubs, many representatives travel many miles to meetings and it is not fair for them to have to return home without a meeting because we did not have a quorum which could easily happen.

Our purpose within the Breed Council is to give a combined voice to the Kennel Club and many BC owners as well as breeders and enthusiasts who are not having their say because their elected committee do not attend meetings.

There has been a great deal of correspondence and meetings with the Kennel Club over the unverified dog registration scheme, this scheme came to light when some  people within the border collie world decided it would be a good idea to get their dogs of untraceable origin KC registered. Originally we all thought that they wanted this registration to allow the dogs to compete in FCI events, but now I don't think this is the whole reason. If you consider a handful registered under this scheme automatically their progeny are registered with a multitude of problems? We do not know! But I do know! some are carriers of DNA testable diseases and many are not tested for anything at all. The dogs registered under this scheme are given a star rating of 3 stars for the first generation and 2 for the second and 1 for the third after that generation no identification at all. To give you a few figures In 2012 we had 8 dogs registered with 3 stars then 49 dogs with 2 stars and 5 with 1 star.

To try and sort this problem out we asked to meet with the Kennel Club and this first request was turned down because this rule had been in force for several years but after a word in the right ear it became possible and we went to the meeting hoping for some kind of compromise and this was the outcome. All stock for registration under the scheme would be tested clear by DNA and NO carries registered also the Gonioscopy test must be a pass.

We failed to agree that the hip score should be under 25 in total but we did agree that the hip score was undertaken and results published.

To my dismay I have since found out after reading the Kennel Gazette that progeny have been registered that are carriers.

We have contacted the Kennel Club and their answer was that our and their agreed proposals had to go before two committees before it could be introduced.
We hope to continue to get a satisfactory outcome to this problem.

I would like you to all seriously consider what is happening in our breed It is no good the Border Collie folk looking after our breeds health and our masters introducing a scheme that could introduce problems that we are working hard to eradicate.

Those handlers wishing to compete under FCI rules must be really pleased with this outcome but at what cost to our breed?

Now onto more light hearted events our  open day has produced much interest mainly people interested in health testing of our breed and we are hoping to run another open day in 2014 but this will be totally depend on the need of the border collie people.

You may ask yourself ‘Well what to the future? I hope we can get all clubs around the table to promote our breed with a uniformed voice and move forward for what is BEST for our breed.

Bob Tunnicliff
Breed Council Chairman 

Letter from the Chairman:
During 2011 your breed council has had 3 meetings at Moira and 1 meeting at Newark Notts, All of these meeting were well represented with reps travelling from as far afield as Kent and Edinburgh. This shows the true dedication of your representatives - they are dedicated and very willing to put in the hours and the miles to achieve the goals we have set ourselves to improve our breed's health and welfare. Your officers have spent many hours in dialogue/discussions with the KC on a wide range of subjects. Sometimes agreements made around the table seem to disappear as soon as we are out of sight. Our first meeting of this year at Clarges Street the agenda was headed "The Show Border Collie Herding Test" - the original judges, myself and the KC officials spent hours revamping the rules and structure of this test. We came to an agreement which then needed to be rubber stamp by the general committee - IT happened some 6 months later . Mid summer we had a meeting at Heathrow with the late Alan Wilton to discuss DNA testing. He made a big impression on me - his easy manner, ability to explian things simply and his passion for his work. Sadly since then Alan has passed away. He will be sorely missed by the world of dogs, and his legacy will live on. RIP Alan it was a pleasure to meet you. Our last meeting of 2011 was one of the shortest on record. With a room full of enthusiasts with a strong opinion I had expected hours of heated debate. The main topic on the agenda was whether or not gonioscopy testing should go onto schedule A for our Breed. This would mean that all accredited breeders would have to have their breeding stock gonioscopy tested and the results would be made public - printed in the kennel gazette. After much discussion a vote was taken and the proposal failed. After more discussion on the topic it was agreed that the Breed Council should contact the BVA and the KC to ask if it would be possible to record all results from gonioscopy tests without the test going on schedule A - we now await the outcome of this. I was very pleased we were able to come to a sensible compromise. Don't forget we represent the clubs you belong to - if you have an opinion, interest or concern then pass these to your clubs Breed Council representative.
Best wishes for 2012.
Bob Tunnicliff Border Collie Breed Council Chairman

The next meeting is scheduled for: TBC

This meeting was held at Moira Miners Welfare and 7 clubs attended. The clubs in attendance were; EABCC, BCCGB, MBCC, WEBCC, Scottish BCC, NWBCC and NEBCC. Apologies were received from Wessex, Wales and the SBCC

The next breed council open day will be held in 2012 (date to follow)
The proposed herding test judges still had not been passed by the KC, the chairman will contact the KC to find out what is the cause of delay. Once the judges have been confirmed these details will be added to this web site.
The registration of working sheepdogs was discussed at length. We have written previously to the KC giving the council's views and to date we have not received a reply. We will contact them again hoping that they will take our views on board as the majority think this would be acceptable as long as siblings were NOT allowed to be registered.
The alleged incident at Crufts was discussed again and we will contact the lady involved.
Just dogs at East of England was attended by the BCCGB and the MBCC.
After a long debate about the test results of the gonoscopy testing and the question on whether or not they should go onto schedule A, a vote was taken. The result was 5 against 1 for and 1 club abstained, therefore the motion was not carried.
After reading this resume, and if you have any thoughts or views ,please contact any club that you are a member of by e mail or letter. They will be pleased to receive your input and they can then request to have any subject put on the agenda for the next meeting. The next meeting is to be confirmed.
Bob Tunnicliff Border Collie Breed Council Chairman